How testing helps increase the mailing conversion rates (case study)

3 February 2015, Igor Farafonow

What will you say when somebody asks you if you test your mailing? Sure. I test openings, clicks, I check sales conversion rates on landing ( for whatever that is).


When somebody asks for details you’ll openly state that for example, approximately 12 out of 100 recipients opens your e-mail, approximately 5 out of 100 will click. Two out of them will buy. But what will you say when that person asks “Why do these 12 people open, 5 click and two buy? “

Neckermann is one of the biggest travel agencies in Poland. Together with the FreshMail they realize weekly target and range shipments. We decided to conduct an experiment: we send out one of our mailings (and we gather statistics), then we research it and introduce changes. And then we send it out again (to the remaining people).

We used 4 research tools for that testing. Users pointed out the areas that picked their attention, evaluated the mail’s contents and its particular aspects. They also answered the questions regarding its shopping attractiveness.


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Igor Farafonow

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