20 creative Easter advertisements

1 April 2015, Ma艂gorzata Traczyk

Easter is getting closer and closer. This is why we decided to take a look at inspiring, interesting and truly imaginative Easter ads. Absolut, Durex, Heineken and Fiat are just some of them 馃檪

Most of us have their hands full right before Easter – shopping, cleaning, cooking鈥ut the marketing departments are also hectic around this time. For brands Easter is a great opportunity to remind about their presence and encourage to buying their products and services.

But this is not about an ordinary sales context showing a photo of a product and its reduced price. A good holiday ad will still be remembered long after the holidays. It should be creative, inspiring, thought-provoking and most of all it should relate to the context, here this context will be Easter. Take a look at our list of 20 most creative Easter ads.

If you鈥檇 like to compare the list with holiday ads for other holidays check out our creative ad lists for Valentine鈥檚 Day and Halloween.

Absolut easter advert

Arteidea easter advert

Carouzos Fashion
Carouzos Fashion easter advert

Durex easter advert

Fiat easter advert

Heineken easter advert

Kaefer easter advert

Kolner ZOO
Kolner ZOO easter advert

M&Ms easter advert

Mc Donalds
McDonalds easter advert

Mercedes easter advert

Milka easter advert

Podravka easter advert

Raiffeisen Grupa
Raiffeisen grupa easter advert

Shangri-la easter advert

Stabiloboss easter advert

Subaru easter advert

The Florida Aquarium
The Florida Aquarium easter advert

Welt am Sonntag
Welt am sonntag easter advert

Wilkinson easter advert

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