How we built a new user interface for doctors at LUX MED

How we built a new user interface for doctors at LUX MED

LUX MED is one of the largest and fastest growing networks of private medical facilities in Poland.

Due to the dynamic development of the company and the number of patient visits, the client reported a need to redesign the interface for patient services used by doctors in the offices.

The goal was to increase not only the ergonomics of the interface itself, but above all to shorten the time of service, reducing the need to manually enter much of the patient’s medical data in favour of the actual examination and conversation with the patient.

We wanted to restore the role of the doctor and allow them to devote most of their time to the patient, rather than to technological and service processes.

What we did

  • Audit of the current solution
  • Product workshops
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Product strategy and concept
  • Taxonomy of modules and functionalities
  • Maps and life cycles of a patient visit in different service scenarios
  • Business intelligence rule creation
  • UX Design
  • Research and concept validation interviews
  • UI Design
  • Design system

Results of cooperation

3 x

reduced interface interaction time

Notification system, automation of service and control processes regarding the patient's health status or the most important medical data relevant for the doctor in contact with the patient

Nearly 100%

positive feedback from physicians

Medication configurator, referrals, and Business Intelligence modelling rules for handling processes in the interface