Web Design & UX Trends – 2016

21 December 2015

With every passing year, we as UX experts become more savvy about what works (and what doesn’t) in web design. We are finally starting to see the decline of brochure-ware sites that have dominated the web since its invention, in favor of more thoughtful ones that are meant to inspire user engagement, sharing and even sales.

This is why in 2016, we’re expecting to see web design trends that aren’t merely visually and technologically based. This year’s trends are starting to skew toward great experiences, using what we know about user psychology and behavior. And whenever you give users a better experience, you can count on increased conversions.

In the following infographic by The Deep End Design, we can see ten emerging trends that have been handpicked for their potential to boost conversion rates. Some have been extensively studied, and actually shown to boost conversions, but some are just too new. But in any case, from what we know about user experience, all of these trends show enormous potential.

Whether you use them in your own portfolio site, or in client work, you will see some strong benefits. So go through each carefully, and start thinking about which trends you can apply to your next web design project.

You might be amazed how utilizing the right trends in the right combinations can aid in increasing your client list, as well as make your existing clients even more excited they hired you.

2016 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions – An infographic by Website Designer The Deep End

And few words about these trends 🙂