15 statistics that will convince your boss to invest in UX!

16 November 2015

How many users don’t find information that they were looking for? How many companies fail because of bad User Experience? How many issues can be resolved by a single UX study?

There’s a saying that “numbers speak for themselves”. And it’s true that we tend to trust pieces of information that are supported by numbers. Testing and statistics on websites and mobile apps show preferences and behaviours of users. The more we know about users’ preferences the easier it is to increase the online effectiveness of our business and improve the User Experience for our customers.

This is why we’d like to present 15 statistics related to usability, habits and preferences of users. The below list can be treated as either a list of warnings or hints for your future actions, but we’re hoping that it will mostly convince you and your boss to investing in UX.


1.   As many as 88% of online customers declare that they don’t really return to websites that were not usable / user-friendly.

2.   70% of online businesses fail because of bad usability.

3.   60% of users don’t find the information they were looking for at a website.

4.   Only 47% of websites properly embed a “call to action” button, e.g. “Buy”, so that users can notice it no later than 3 seconds after entering the website

5.   Over 70% of websites for small businesses (verified on the sample of 200 randomly selected sites) don’t embed any “call to action” buttons, e.g. signing up for a newsletter, at the main page.

6.   Over 81% of customers search for products online before proceeding with purchase.

7.   Videos are more encouraging (increasing conversion rate) and lead to purchase more often than product or service descriptions.

8.   68% of users give up because they think you don’t care about them.

9.   Only 55% of companies conduct any type of online usability testing for their websites.

10.   94% of a user’s first impressions are design-related.

11.   As many as 90% of Internet users use several devices to browse the Internet: smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC. Customers expect a given website to be as good or even better on each device they are using to display it.

12.   85% of UX issues can be resolved with a usability test on a group of 7 users.

13.   95% of users think that good UX pays off.

14.   It’s 6 times more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep the current one.

15.   Each dollar spent on usability optimization generates around 100 dollars return on increased conversion rate.

The biggest challenge companies are currently facing is creating consistent and usable interfaces to be used on several devices. The above statistics present general trends which are important to keep in mind. What makes our solutions better from the ones offered by our competitors is taking into account the aims, needs and context where users reach for our website or application. These details are obtained via research and testing. The more research and testing you conduct – even at a small number of users – the more beneficial it is for the development of your products.